The Couplet Story


Couplet is a fine jewelry company dedicated to doing more.

We want to do more for our customers by allowing them to be involved in the process of customizing their pieces. We want to do more for communities where our stones are ethically sourced, by supporting the whole community.

We like to say we're fine jewelry without compromise. And we mean it. 

Each Couplet piece is handmade to order by craftsmen and artisans in New York City. All of our gemstones are ethically sourced. We're proud to partner directly with mines to ensure safe and humane practices throughout the gem discovery and cutting processes. 

In the English language, Couplet as we know it today refers to a pair of lines in poetry, however this comes from the French word, which meant two pieces of metal welded or hinged together. One word that combines our loves for poetry, couples, and metal smithing? It us. 

Couplet founder Sophie Smith Quinn 

Our founder, Sophie Smith Quinn has been a jewelry addict as long as she can remember. On more than one occasion growing up she was caught red handed in her mother's jewelry box with rings on every finger. To this day, her mother's style remains one of Sophie's greatest inspirations. When Sophie moved to New York, to work in the fashion industry, she would find herself in the diamond district to make custom gifts for her mother and sister. People then started asking to buy the pieces she was designing as gifts. The next thing she knew, Couplet was born. 

Couplet officially launched in 2019 when covergirl Margot Robbie wore several Couplet pieces in the July issue of Vogue, and we haven't looked back. 

Margot Robbie, Vogue, July 2019 Margot Robbie, Vogue, July 2019